Friday, April 17, 2015

The Joker Vs. The Kingpin

I, like many I am sure, absolutely devoured Netflix' Daredevil series last weekend.  It's easily the best live action superhero TV show that I have seen, and I hope that Marvel can keep up this level of quality with their other upcoming shows and future seasons of DD.  A high point for me was the casting.  Everyone embodies their roles perfectly.  Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk was amazing, it was as if the character stepped right out of the comics.  I loved that they were able to really delve into his character through childhood flashbacks and his courtship with Vanessa.  Hopefully he will show up in some of the other series that Netflix is preparing.


Alaric Shapli said...

"The Laughing Fisk" is pure brilliance.

In a one-on-one fight, just the two men and whatever gadgets/weapons/etc. they had on them, despite Fisk's greater strength and combat training, I think the Joker would have the advantage. However, I doubt the Kingpin would fight that way. More likely, he'd trick some heroes into doing the fighting for him, then step in at the end to deal with the winner.

Ross said...

I was hoping someone would get the title gag!

Anonymous said...

I've seen the commercials for that Netflix series. And, the costume worn by Matt Murdock looks even more Shroud-like than the one worn by Rex Smith in the TV-movie "Trial of the Incredible Hulk."

As for the title of this artistic depiction? Clever as usual. Although, "Cranston Hears A Who" is still my sentimental favorite. :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S.---what is with the photo-matching requirement? That's the most stupid security measure, yet!

Simon Dyer said...


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