Thursday, April 9, 2015

Clayface Vs. Sandman

While a very flawed film, Spider-Man 3 did one thing perfectly - the realization of Flint Marko's look and powers (well, until he became the giant Sandman at the end, they kind of lost me there).  I'd love to see a movie version of Clayface one of these days.  We know the technology is there to make it happen, the question is whether the studio finally starts letting Batman's more outlandish villains appear.


AirDave said...

I wasn't a big Clayface fan until I watched Batman: The Animated Series. I like that each of the rogues - except The Joker - is tragic and flawed. A good person that made a poor choice. Matt Hagen is one of those individuals. His vanity is his own enemy.

Is a giant Sandman any more unusual than Spider-Man beating the character in the comics by using a vacuum cleaner? A Clean sweep of crime!

Anonymous said...

The giant Sandman of "Spider-man 3" was far better than the Macabre Mud Thing that appeared in a now classically bad issue of the parent comic. The result of Sandman and Hydro-man colliding and merging while fighting over a waterfront floozie named Sadie who would make Olive Oyl look like Angelina Jolie by comparison!

Bob Greenwade said...

I don't recall if I've mentioned this before, but one of my goals in going into the film/TV industry is to become an Executive Producer for a Batman TV series at around the time of the Caped Crusader's 100th anniversary (about 20 years from now). I know I've stated that Batman (and, likewise, Spider-Man) has had just too many really great villains to cover them all in a series of movies; a TV series is really needed to make it work, and it'd have to be a broadcast-network TV series (with their longer 24-episode seasons) at that.

My vision for the show would be to start with mainly mundane villains who could, and generally do, exist in the real world: corrupt businessmen, politicians, and cops, plus some of the more down-to-earth (if often rather eccentric) criminals like the Penguin, Scarface, Egghead, the Riddler, Catwoman, and perhaps Victor Szasz. From there the "weird science" villains would start to appear, starting with those just barely outside the realm of realism like King Tut and the Joker, and culminating in the more over-the-top characters like Clayface and Man-Bat.

One can hope... and the need to start planning out how to get into that position is at least 10-15 years off, so I have some time. (Still, who thinks that sounds like an interesting plan?)

Ross said...

Only if you cast me as Metamorpho for the eventual Outsiders spin off, Bob.

BERT said...

And I was a big fan of the original Golden Age Clayface (based more on Phantom of the Opera) with the embittered former silent film star Basil Karlo taking his revenge on the stars of a "talkie" remake of one of his hits that he could only be a make-up man for. Maybe you could team him with special effects master, Mysterio. Anyway Flint Marko? Basil Karlo? Some classic monikers there!

edwin said...

I'm a big fan of both sandman and clayface. Were can I go to buy this book?

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