Monday, April 20, 2015

Cyborg and Iron Man

We've seen that Iron Man will be getting a few new suits of armor for Avengers: The Age of Ultron, including the fan-favorite Hulkbuster armor.  It has been cool to see so many iterations of the suit so far, but with this fifth move outing, I still say that the lack of love for the classic widow's peak armor is a glaring omission.  Sure, it may seem a bit outdated by today's standards, but Iron Man sported that look far longer than any other in his career and it deserves its cinematic due.


Alaric said...

Iron Man's classic Bronze Age/Late Silver Age armor is still one of my all-time favorite superhero costumes. There's just something so dynamic about it. I realize I'm probably in the minority.

Randy said...

Don't forget the version with the nose. That was awesome too!!

Anonymous said...

Widow's peak? You mean, the one with the W-shaped fa├žade rising above the eyeholes of the mask?!

Please, no! That was the worst of his iterations. Hands down/bar none/case closed!!

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