Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wildcat and Powers

I am curious about the upcoming Powers series that will be airing on the Playstation Network.  The comic always read like a TV show to me, so I am surprised it has taken this long for an adaptation to come about.  Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward don't look much like their comic book counterparts Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, but hopefully they will be true to the characterizations that Brian Michael Bendis has given them.  I am also a fan of Michelle Forbes, and it will be cool to see her in another genre related project.


Anonymous said...

After the cold reception given to the live-action "Tick" series, I don't foresee more than one-season-wonder status for "The Powers."

P.S.---what's with the second layer of security?! Some robot finally get through?

Ross said...

Hmm, Blogger must have done that because I didn't - let me check my settings...

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