Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Aztek: The Ultimate Man and Iron Man

Aztek: The Ultimate Man was a hidden gem during the 1990's.  Grant Morrison and Mark Millar presented quirky stories featuring the hero of Vanity City, set in the mainstream DCU but unlike any other title they were currently publishing.  While it was well received by critics, it was not a big seller and only last 10 issues.  Morrison did bring the character back in during his JLA run - only to then kill him off.  It's too bad that Aztek seemingly was a victim of the glut of new superheroes being introduced during the 90's and got lost among the crowd - I thought he had a lot of potential and would have liked to have seen more of him.


Mr. Acer said...

Thank goodness for his Justice League Unlimited appearances.

Anonymous said...

I think Tony is right. "Aztek" sounds more like a pun on Arizona Institute of Technology!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Aztek was an Image comıcs character that got lost and ended up ın the DC Unıverse. It happens.

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