Sunday, December 7, 2014

Moon Knight and Man-Bat

Now that Batman will be mixing it up with Superman and eventually the other JLAers in the movies, I think that it is high time some of the super-powered members of his rogues gallery get their chance to shine on the big screen.  I'd love to see Man-Bat in live action, it could be very cool.  I've often thought a film featuring Batman vs. Hugo Strange would be a good way to introduce some of the more grotesque characters like Man-Bat and Killer Croc, as Strange has been known to dabble in "monster men".


Joshua Bellah said...

Absolutely agree, Man-bat is one the most under-appreciated bat villians. I love the scientist aspect of his character and i always thought he was the Curt Conners/Lizard of Batman's rogues. Would love to see him on the big screen.

Matthew Baugh said...

I love this combo! My favorite incarnation of Moon Knight was always the original monster-hunting version that debuted in Werewolf by Night, way back when.

And I remember the first few Man-Bat stories, which I also loved. I was so happy when they used him in the first episode of Batman TAS.

These two have all kinds of unrealized potential and work perfectly together.

Matthew Baugh said...

Just curious... I loved the idea of the Outsiders but wished the group had been made up of minor characters who had interacted with Batman. My idea was Deadman, Asano Nitobe (the ninja who trained Manhunter), Andrew Bennett (from the I Vampire series in House of Mystery), Man Bat, and maybe Azrael.

If Batman were to assemble a team of eerie, street-level Outsiders from the DC, Marvel, and other universes... the possibilities are endless.

Anonymous said...

I can only _wish_ that Moon Knight would go up against Man-Bat for real. With the latter turning out to be one-time Daredevil foe, Blackwing!

AirDave said...

Matthew Baugh~

I would have gone a different direction with The Outsiders. Instead of introducing Katanna, Halo and Geo-Force - all great characters! - I would have had The Creeper, Deadman, Plastic Man and The Demon join Metamorpho and Black Lightning. Not all at once, but on a rotating basis. Not sure about who would be a good female character to be part of the team...but I would imagine based on how the team started it would be more of a Mission: Impossible group.

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