Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Captain America and Liberty Belle

I remember being intrigued by the line-up of the All-Star Squadron after that series ended its first issue.  It was a mix of JSAers that I was familiar with, a serious Plastic Man, a few classic characters I remembered from reprints (Robotman, Johnny Quick, Shining Knight) and a couple of other heroes that I knew very little about.   It was good that writer Roy Thomas was able to fill in the histories of some of comicdom's first crimefighters, and I enjoyed reading the exploits of Liberty Belle and Firebrand as much as the Earth-Two A-listers that went in and out of the title. I am glad that Liberty Belle became a part of DC's legacy concept with her and Johnny Quick becoming the parents of contemporary hero Jesse Quick.


Anonymous said...

She would probably discover that the "dead" Cap was impersonated by a Space Phantom from Immortus' Limbo.

AirDave said...

I followed All-Star Squadron for a number of reasons: 1) The JSA; B) The Golden Age/WWII; D) Roy Thomas...Oh and Jerry Ordway's art!!! I loved his take on The Golden-Age! It would be cool to see a real JSA/Invaders WWII story!

Jeff Nettleton said...

I haven't seen this one; but, how about Captain America and The American, from Dark Horse?

Ed said...

Roy Thomas was great! DC needs to restore it's legacy in continuity already.

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