Sunday, August 3, 2014

Iron Man Vs. Darkseid

I'd have loved to read this match up if only to see what kind of cool machines Jack Kirby would come up with.  Tony Stark having access to Apokolips technology, as imagined by Kirby?  You just know there would have been some amazing designs.


Crazy Ivan said...

This is one of the best covers I've ever seen, real or fake! This is just what I'd expect a Darkseid appearance in a 60s or 70s issue of Iron Man to look like! And the suggested story behind it is 100% believable! Kudos!

Ross said...

Thanks, Ivan, I appreciate it!

Bob Greenwade said...

Yet another great all-Kirby issue!

I find it mildly surprising, though, that you have yet to bring Darkseid to his most natural crossover: to the Star Wars universe.

Anonymous said...

Tony Stark, with access to Apokoliptan technology? Don't even go there, dude! It was bad enough when he was incessantly harassing Capt. Roach Marvel for that parallel-universe Kree tech.

Then, again, that might have been his Skrull impersonator, from just before "Secret Invasion." So, in that case, Tony's obsession would be understandable (if not grudgingly tolerable).

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