Monday, August 18, 2014

Black Canary and Spider-Girl

In the comics, the mantle of Black canary was passed down from mother to daughter.  The TV series Arrow seems to be heading towards a slight spin on this theme, as there have been indications that the Black Canary title will be transferred from sister to sister.  The lack of canary cry and use of a mask on the current Canary makes more sense to me now, It seems like they have had this planned for a while.


Bob Buethe said...

I haven't been following Arrow. But when the Black Canary first appeared in 1947, she did wear a mask, and she didn't get her canary cry power until 1969.

Ross said...

Exactly, It looks like the current Canary hearkens back to the Golden age version, whereas I am guessing there will eventually be a new Canary, with canary cry and without mask.

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