Saturday, August 23, 2014

Captain America And The Demon in "The Curse of Blackbriar Thorne"

The latest shake up in the world of Captain America comics is that Steve Rogers has the body of an old man and Sam Wilson is taking over as the new Cap.  Not a bad concept, but every time I see Wilson in the weird hybrid Falcon/Cap outfit, I just don't understand how it is supposed to work. How is he going to fling that shield with those huge wings in the way?  I probably shouldn't be too concerned, as Rogers is sure to be back in the role by the time his next sequel rolls around.


jrp04f said...

Wish you'd spoken more on the ideas behind this mash-up (not even entirely sure who Thorne is), but I do agree about how ungainly FalcCap's costume looks, and how temporary this will all be. He's had his Super-Soldier Serum neutralized and been artificially aged as a result before.

How does one go about making requests or sending you ideas? I have one or two concerning Cap I'd like to contribute.

Ross said...

Just leave your suggestions here in the comments section. While I may not respond to every specific request (because the answer is almost always the same "Maybe, if I can find the right images"), I do take notes on the ideas that followers come up with and many eventually make it to the blog.

Blackbriar Thorne is a DC villain that tangles with their mystical characters, I always loved the DC Comics Presents cover that the Kubert image came from and when I saw Cap in a similar grip, I thought it would make for a cool pairing.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Especially, if it took place during World War II. Then, you could bring in the vampiric Baron Blood as the pawn/ally of Blackbriar Thorne.

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