Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Legion of Super-Heroes and The New Mutants

These two teams have each seen their share of revamps and relaunches, which have taken their toll on both groups.  The Legion seems to get made over every few years and attempts to make them darker and edgier have backfired, in my opinion.  They are currently back in limbo, hopefully their inevitable return will feature a more classic version of the team.  The New Mutants have fared a little better, but still tend to get lost among the glut of X-teams out there, and they have lost a lot of their uniqueness.  Still, I will always have a soft spot for them, especially the members featured in the first two years of the original title.


AirDave said...

I was a Legion fan in the late '70's. Didn't follow them much until I saw Legionnaires. That seemed to recapture - for me - the original fun spirit of the team. There seemed to be some complicated details, but overall it was pretty enjoyable.

I have no desire to read Justice League 3000. I will wait for the eventual, inevitable return of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Crazy Ivan said...

You make some good points about both teams. I love the first 40 issues or so of the New Mutants, and stayed with the title till it dissolved into X-Force, but none of the relaunches have worked for me. And the poor LSH has never gotten over the original Crisis. Every relaunch is a reboot, and the series is constantly being plagued by editorial decisions that should have no bearing on this part of DC continuity.

Anonymous said...

...basically, if you grew up reading comics in the early 1980s, everything today is very subpar and disappointing.

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