Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Anti-Monitor Vs. The Dark Phoenix

These two are among the most powerful characters in their respective universes, so it would be very cool to watch them clash.  I'm not sure who I would take in this battle.  The Anti-Monitor probably has more raw power at his disposal, but The Dark Phoenix has a mean streak that he can't match.  Regardless of the victor, there would be lots of damage in their wake, and that would be fun to see.


Bob Greenwade said...

Hopefully this battle takes place in deep space.

Like, halfway between M87 and M91.

This might take the combined might of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Green Lantern corps to handle!

Anonymous said...

How would you describe the Anti-Monitor's dental work? A mono-tooth? He almost reminds me of a baleen whale.

Anonymous said...

Call me a sexist, but my money would be on the Anti-monitor.
Geez-louise, couldn't you have started out the new year with something maybe less nihilistic and violent, like say, Rocket Raccoon vs. Howard the Duck?
Some of us are nursing hangovers.

Bob Buethe said...

I never liked the name "Anti-Monitor." I know that he's supposed to be an anti-matter version of the Monitor, but the name makes him sound like he's a guy who doesn't watch anything that's going on.

'Course, it is fun to call him "Anti-M" for short, as in "Anti-M! Anti-M! Don't let Miss Gulch take Toto away!"

Mr. Acer said...

I know a fight that the Anti-Monitor, no matter the incarnation, would definitely lose in: Primus, the god-like creator of the Transformers. Only he could light the Multiverse's darkest hour. (Cue "The Touch" by Stan Bush.)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I wish the comic companies would take some of your ideas under consideration. This one would be a winner!
By Ordinaryguy2

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