Sunday, January 19, 2014

Indiana Jones Vs. The Hulk

There was something so cool about watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time.  I had heard it was action-packed, and it did not disappoint.  In those pre-internet days, there were no big moments that were ruined for me in advance.  I love the availability of information that we enjoy today, but one downside is how hard it can be to avoid spoilers, even when you make an effort to do so.


AirDave said...

Wait...How would Indiana Jones have a nephew? Did he have a sister or brother? Or would Rick be a distant relative by his parents, Marian or Mutt?

I feel sorry for people today. My older brother took me to see Star Wars, and all I saw of it were television commercials. Theater previews were not as big a deal as they are now!

As much as I like the information age...we live in the Age of Ultron and Brainiac. We are controlled by the internet. I don't mind since The Lost Issues are digital...

Bob Greenwade said...

You really have a thing for creating familial relationships between unrelated characters, don't you, Ross? (Not that there's anything wrong with that....)

I'm still looking forward to the next entry in the relationship between the Danvers Twins.

Isaac said...

He's gonna need a bigger gun (not that that helps)! ;)

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