Monday, January 27, 2014

Nova and Adam Strange

Adam Strange is finally making his New 52 debut, in the pages of the upcoming Justice League United.  There has only been one picture and a few quotes released, but it sounds like a bit of a departure from the classic DC hero.  The new Strange is described as more of a science geek type who tries to keep up with his love Alanna, who is the real action hero.  Jeff Lemire is a great writer, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.  Still, Adam Strange as originally conceived is one of the best concepts in comics, and I wonder why there is a need to tamper with it at all.


AirDave said...

Cool cover!

...That could be said about nearly every character in The New 52. Why fix what wasn't broken? There was nothing wrong with Adam Strange to begin with. Re-imagining a character just for the sake of being different doesn't make the character fresh, it just makes the character unfamiliar and unrecognizeable.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this team up is all sorts of awesome and it looks good here although I wish Adam was wearing his updated suite.

Dr. OTR said...

I second AirDave! "I wonder why there is a need to tamper with it at all" could be applied to the entire new 52.

Ben Woods said...

Another awesome cover! Crap, another one to download and have you further own my desktop background! LOL

Rip Jagger said...

I'm always impressed at how Adam Strange's original design holds up. Despite the clear vintage details, he never looks dated.

Rip Off

Bob Greenwade said...

The more I read about the New 52, the more it looks to me like a massive train wreck.

I think we can expect yet another DC reboot event by the end of the decade.

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