Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Avengers and The Justice League of America in : "Homeless are the Heroes!"

When I was a kid, the big argument was whether The JLA or The Avengers was the cooler team.  Nowadays, folks are having the same conversation, only about the movie adaptations of each group.  I think it is a little crazy to choose sides.  I am just glad to finally be in an age where these huge comic book epics can finally be realized on the big screen.  I will always hope for fidelity to the original material, but in the end it's just cool to finally get to see so many of my favorite characters coming to life, no matter which publisher they are from.


Bob Greenwade said...

Of course DC and Marvel actually did this team-up, in a series that was popular enough that the omnibus is now being sold used for amounts in the mid-triple digits.

And, interestingly, one of the results was a blending of the two multiverses, such that the scenario shown here would actually be possible.

On another note entirely here's a team-up idea that just came to me a few minutes ago: Kingpin versus Joker. That would be quite an adventure -- Bats and Spidey would be picking up the aftermath for months!

AirDave said...

As much as I like JLA/Avengers, I still re-read DC/Marvel: All-Access - I think that's the crossover. It features the classic JLA and Avengers in action. That's a story I want to see. Not a modern age team-up, but a Silver Age team up.

What I liked about The Avengers is at it's core it kept the nugget that The Avengers formed to stop Loki.

DC has been re-telling the JLA's origin across different media it's difficult to know WHY the team came together. The New 52 origin was such a swipe from The Avengers! But then individuals banding together to stop a single megalomaniac is not unique. Instead of Darkseid it could have been the nameless aliens of the Justice League animated series or Luthor, or anyone. The original villains are so generic and forgettable it's a shame.

Manta said...

Actually, the animated series' aliens weren't nameless (if we're talking about the shapeshifters from the first season of the original JL animated series). While it's not said explicitly within the cartoon, it's fairly obvious that these are the "white martians."

And the animated series' continuity, storytelling and character representation is so good, I'm much more willing to accept it as canon than anything in "New 52" :)

Roger Payton said...

I liked both team-ups mentioned...the All Acess, and the JLA/Avengers. I wish that there could have been more done. I'd LOVE to see a Roy Thomas/ Alan Davis Avengers/JLA team-up, or a Justice Society/Invaders one set in WW2, and include a Sgt. Fury/ Sgt. Rock meeting within that tale. The Howlers meeting Easy Company would be so cool !

Isaac said...

@Roger Payton - Agreed on the Sgt. Rock/Fury crossover.

Bob Greenwade said...

Ross, haven't you done a Rock/Fury meeting already?

Ross said...

More than one!

Anonymous said...

Another great cover Ross. This is one of my favorite George Perez JLA images, but where did the Avengers part come from -- if you don't mind sharing trade secrets, that is...:) Regardless, another brilliant what if. I love the idea that Tony is so broke that Avengers have to get a hand-me-down from the League! Priceless!

Thanks Ross!!!


Ross said...

It's from the cover of Saga of the Sub-Mariner #8, 1989.

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