Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wonder Man and Wonder Girl

"Who is Donna Troy" from New Teen Titans #38 is one of my all time favorite comics.  It was one of the best origin issues I have ever read, and a nice showcase for Robin as well.  It's too bad that the story has been completely undone by all the DC reboots.  Donna Troy's history is one of the biggest casualties of DC's timeline tinkering, and a better question these days is "Where is Donna Troy".


AirDave said...

Donna Troy is one of those few, rare characters that may have reached a "THE END", or been painted into a corner. Her story arc reached it's conclusion. There's really no where for her to go as a character - or maybe it's that she's stuck and can't be changed, manipulated, altered or made unrecognizable. She's pretty much done it all, from Teen Titans, to Darkstar to being killed and brought back from the dead.

I still miss her though.

Simon, I wish they would just figure out what to do with him...

Anonymous said...

Me too. When I heard about JLA 3000, I thought maybe this was going to be her new home with maybe Wally West... but no THAT was a huge disappointment. God forbid we actually have fun in the DCNu.


John Allen Small said...

"Who Is Donna Troy?" stands as one of the single greatest stories in comic book history, as far as I'm concerned. And what's happened to that character is emblematic over what's happened at DC in general in recent years - which is why, after being a lifelong DC fan dating all the way back to the 1960s, I'm given up on the company except for the occasional omnibuses reprinting stuff from the Golden and Silver Ages. I just can't stand their modern crap. Comic books first and foremost are supposed to be FUN. And nothing being published these days by DC (or by marvel, for that matter) meets that criteria as far as I'm concerned.

Bob Buethe said...

@John Allen Small: Your comment could have been written by me. If you haven't already read it, I strongly recommend Thom Zahler's Love and Capes. It's been collected in four TPBs, and you can read the first issue here.

Be warned: There's a glitch on the site. There is no page 41. The Next button won't work on page 40, so you have to use the dropdown list to get to page 42 (which is really page 41), and then the Next button will work after that.

Bob Greenwade said...

The more I read about DC's New 52, the less I like it. Realigning history is fine; erasing it completely is not.

From what I've seen, Marvel's not much better these days, though for entirely different reasons.

And that, just as I was starting to think about getting back into reading comics. (In fact, I was even contemplating trying to get into writing; besides stuff with my own characters, I had a storyline in mind for Power Girl that the most recent reboot would probably render superfluous.)

How's Valiant doing these days?

Supersonic said...

I believe it won a literary award. Truly, Marv Wolfman was at the height of his A game when he wrote it (George Perez co-wrote, I forget). One of the most quietly powerful stories ever written. Although he may have burned out a bit by the 1990s, not enough has been written about Marv Wolfman's genius and his contribution to rebuilding the identity of DC in the 1980s.

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