Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Avengers and Star Trek (And More!)

Some quick thoughts on the stars of today's anniversary cover:

With Disney now owning both The Avengers and the Star Wars universe, those two are more likely to meet than those in the main story.  Still I'd love to see Kirk and Cap clash in their leadership styles, while Iron Man and Scotty put their heads together in Engineering.  Spock and Vision would get along well, but Thor and Bones might get on one another's nerves... some fun story potential there!

I never watched Thundercats when it first aired, but I did catch the newer series and I thought it was pretty fun.  it's too bad that it was discontinued.  The last time I saw Wolverine animated was in the Hulk Vs. Wolverine short - probably the best Marvel related animated feature out there.  I'm sure we'll see a cartoon Logan again before too long.

I haven't kept up with the comics - Has Banshee returned from the dead yet?  I figured he might have a chance as he is a member of the X-Men: First Class films.  There aren't enough red headed heroes out there - we lost Ralph Dibny, we can't lose Banshee too!  Black Canary has recently been featured on Arrow, and it's quite an improvement on her previous live appearances in Birds of Prey and Smallville.  I hope she becomes a regular part of the show.

From the trailers for the Robocop remake, it looks slickly made with a great cast... and utterly pointless.  Seems crazy to me to try and redo a film that is still held in such high regard, and I think that it will suffer the same fate as the recent Total Recall remake.  Deathlok is a Marvel property that would work perfectly for the big screen, and I hope that something is in the works with this great Bronze Age hero.


Anonymous said...

Banshee has returned in the comics but he is still dead. In recent issues of Uncanny Avengers, the Avengers/X-men Unity Squad has been confronting the threat of Kang and his proteges the twins of Apocalypse. They have their own four horsemen made up of dead heroes and Banshee is one of them. Congrats on another milestone, Ross!

Ross said...

Ah, thanks! Well, maybe that story line will pave the way back for his return.

Anonymous said...

That is one cool cover, and congrats on the milestone. One small thing - I think you mean "Iron Man and Scotty put their heads together in Engineering" - don't tempt the wrath of the Trekkers! :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the big 600!

Don't have anything else to add really, except that if your books were real, I suspect I'd be a lot poorer by now. :)


AirDave said...

Suh-loot! Congrats on the milestone of 600 consecutive #1's! Each a winner!

The Avengers and Star Trek! "The Wrath of Kang" is brilliant!

I'm surprised you didn't go "Bungle in the Jungle" with Logan and Lion-O - or "The Lion-O Sleeps Tonight"!

I never got into the Robocop craze, m'se'f. I was more into Predator. Are they re-making ALL of Ronny Cox's films?

Tommy Tomorrow said...

Conga-Rats on 600 Ross!
Why don't you put in a guest appearance once in a while, even if only to plug this fantastic site?
Hope all is well with your bro and the rest of the family.
Tommy Tomorrow

Ross said...

Thanks, Tommy! I'd think that's the last place I would need to plug it!

Anonymous said...

Another great cover, Ross!!! Looking forward to the next 600! :)


StarDragon77 said...

Think you could be convinced to do a Doctor Who/Star Trek cover?

Ross said...

Didn't they just have a whole mini-series together?

Bob Greenwade said...

Actually, I think they had more than one (Doctor Who/Star Trek). I know they had at least one, with the 11th Doctor on the Enterprise-F; I'm less sure about my memory of the 4th Doctor on with the original crew.

That said, I'd still love to have the TARDIS land on the Voyager, just so the Doctor could meet the Doctor. I'd favor the Tenth Doctor for that, as he seems most likely to work in that sort of confusion, but it could also work well with the Fourth, Fifth, or Eighth (and I'm not sure that it would sour with any of them but the First).

Dale Bagwell said...

Congrats indeed. Wraith of Kang sounds like all types of awesome. How is this not happening in real life yet?
Cute title for the Wolverine/Lion-O, but man is it just me is there a small homosexual vibe coming from the title alone?;)

But in all seriousness, it'd be nice to see which is stronger: Adamantium Claws or the Sword of Omens....

Anonymous said...

This would be a fun comic to read. I'm almost sad that it won't be available. Unless you want to try put together a comic book using the same methods you make the cover. Now that would be challenging and probably too time consuming to do. But you have definitely stirred our imagination. Thanks!

Crazy Ivan said...

Robo-Cop would make for a great team-up with Savage Dragon as the Great Lakes' Top Cops. Their styles are so dissimilar they'd spend have the book at each others' throats for settling matters and actually working together.

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