Monday, December 23, 2013

The Teen Titans and Spider-Man

Teenage angst and comic books - they are the perfect combination.  Stan Lee really tapped into something with The Amazing Spider-Man and it's no wonder they the character was such an instant hit.  DC had a great idea with the team of teenage sidekicks, a series ripe for the the whole teen angst angle.  Of course, reading those original Teen Titans issues today, some of the dialogue is a bit hokey, as it was written by middle-aged men.  The turmoils of teen life were still a major theme years later in the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans revamp, and that series really struck the perfect mix between superhero action and interpersonal drama.  When a title can maintain that balance, it makes for great reading. .


Cathy and Dave said...

One of my favorite issues to re-read is Untold Tales of Spider-Man #21 (I think) featuring the Classic X-Men. It is an awesome story by Kurt Busiek. It would have been awesome if DC and Marvel had developed a better relationship earlier, or kept a civil relationship to make Silver- and Golden-Age team-ups possible.

Comics should be fun...for all ages.

Keith B said...

Perhaps disparaging remarks about the Bieber were made by both parties?

Isaac said...

@Keith B - Then why are most of the attackers male? I'd sure like to read this story since this is my 2nd fav
version of the Titans.

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