Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Batgirl and Scarlett

With Batman about to be re-imagined once again for the big screen, I don't know whether a Batgirl appearance will be in the cards in some future film.  With Nightwing rumored to be appearing in Batman Vs. Superman, the idea of an extended Bat-family will already be out there.  Still, I think it's more likely we will see Barbara Gordon show up as part of the upcoming Commissioner Gordon-centric Gotham TV series - at least a young version of her.


AirDave said...

I'm glad that Yvonne Craig has agreed to license her likeness for Batman '66. Classic Batgirl will be making appearances in the comic and in merchandise!

I'm more concerned with how overloaded and bloated this Superman sequel is with meta/super humans. It feels like they are trying to reach The Avengers level without really building up to it. That's like me deciding right now to run a marathon tomorrow. I'll stay up late, have a few beers, and I'll be good.

Bob Buethe said...

@AirDave: Maybe so. On the other hand, I became a fan of the Justice League before I ever saw any of the members' in solo titles (except for Superman). I think it'd be interesting to see DC take an approach opposite Marvel's: introduce the audience to a lot of characters at once, then spin off the ones that generate the most interest. (Although, in a sense, Marvel did do something like that with the X-Men and Wolverine movies.)

Mr. Acer said...

If you want to read a really good Scarlett story, check out "Scarlett: Declassified" from Devil's Due Productions. It's got great Phil Noto art.

And as long as we're on a spot where comic characters are meeting toyline-based or 80's show characters, I've got an idea for an entry down the pipeline: Guardians of the Galaxy and the Galaxy Rangers! The latter got their own comic from Marvel during the show's heyday.

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