Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Teen Titans Vs. The Punisher

The three live-action Punisher movies all had their own shortcomings and none was a big hit in the theaters.  I'm guessing that the film rights will soon revert Marvel Studios if they haven't already.  Still, they may be hesitant to put forth another Punisher movie until the memory of the other attempts fade a bit more.  Perhaps in the meantime they could go with a dark animated series  Give Frank Castle the classic get-up, white gloves and boots and all - This looks can work well in stylized animation where it would be almost impossible to pull off in live action.  Animated violence is much easier for me to take than live action gore, so I might even prefer this approach.  This might be fun as a late night cable series and it popular enough, warm audiences to the idea of giving a cinematic outing another try.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Awww, yeah, Titans!

I liked the Thomas Jane Punisher movie. I like the Dolph Lundgren one because it is just so bad. I did not see War Zone.

I'm not sure a Punisher movie is possible. It has to be dark and gritty, but at the same time it has to have mass appeal.

I've heard The Avengers worked because it had a soft, cartoonish level of violence. It was a much brighter film that The Dark Knight Rises.

Punisher, Dardevil and Batman are great characters, but not very kid-friendly on film.

I like Nolan's Batman, but I think Paul Dini and Bruce Timm should probably write the next Batman film...

Matthew said...

You mean like "Spawn" on HBO? Count me in.

artemus dada said...

Very good, thank you.

pblfsda said...

IMDb lists a "Punisher" TV series in production for 2014. It's being done by (or for) ABC (that's nearly Disney) and the premise will be that he is a police detective who moonlights as a vigilante (ugh). The Punisher isn't supposed to be a sympathetic character. He's an obsessive, even more so than Batman because he's replaced his moral compass with a prime objective. He works best when the reader is allowed to figure out that he's a little squirrelly, even if he's a little too deep in his own woods to see the trees. He's more like Mike Meyers or V or Patsy and Edina from "Absolutely Fabulous".

GF said...

Fascianting crossover. Kind of hard marrying Ross Andru (with light Romita Sr. inking) with Nick Cardy, but the composition is spot on!!

Once again, the Punisher faces off against younger superheroes, and I can imagine he would be quite brutal to the Titans--probably mocking them despite their reputation in the field.

Jack Lawton said...


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