Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Tornado and The X-Men

Here's another pairing that nobody was really asking for but I thought might make for a fun tale.  Has Red Tornado made an appearance in the new DCU yet?  I hope they haven't shuffled him off to limbo with Ralph Dibny and Rex Mason!  I recently watched X-Men 3: The Final Stand again and while I appreciated the nod, the use of a Sentinel robot is so wasted in that film.  I hope that with the new X-Men First Class sequel coming up, we can see the Sentinels much more fully realized on screen.


googlyeyes said...

two words..............HOLY SH#@*!!!!!!!!!!

Neil Robertson said...

Great cover! And I for one appreciate those covers where the pairing isn't obvious.

Anonymous said...

I started collecting comics as a kid in '82, and it was often the "offbeat pairings" of DC Comics Presents or Brave and the Bold that would introduce me to the more obscure heroes in the DC universe. To this day, my favorite B&B issues was the Batman and Rose & the Thorn storyline.

Balducci said...

Question: Are comics as fun for this generation of young teens as the were for us who were kids in the '70s?

A Mindful Webworker said...

"that nobody was asking for." heh.

This was one of those where I first looked at it and shrugged, Big Tornado v X-Men, okay. Then I get to the bottom caption. OOOHH okay, yeah! Red as a Sentinel! That one *will* surely be a great story someday... under Time-Warner-Disney's DCMarvel videocomics imprint.

In case my translator microbes are faulty, imatrinesay Nice Work.

PS Not sure I can make out this password image. It's an elvish curse, I think.

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