Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black Canary and Black Bolt

I was glad to be able to finally feature the artwork of Alex Toth on this blog.  He is one of the most amazing illustrators that the comics medium has ever seen.  The strength of his Super Friends designs cemented in my mind early on what a superhero should look like.  I wasn't sure how well his style would mesh with Kevin Nowlan's, but I think that they work OK together here.

We'll be seeing a new live action iteration of Dinah Lance in the new Arrow TV series.  She has appeared previously on Birds of Prey and Smallville, but neither version really captured the feeling of the comic character for me.  Hepefully the third time will be the charm.


Anonymous said...

ok Ross, whether it was intentional or not, this is a masterpiece in so many unique ways. First, you have got to be the FIRST to place these heroes in a context (a concert, for pete's sake!) so humorously accurate, every DC writer should kick themselves for never having thought of it. Second, I'm not sure if you realized it, but a long time ago, comic book covers used to tell a story, with or without narrative blurbs or words. This art, I feel, is lost. Artist might as well be drawing for muscle magazines, cuz I can't tell the difference between an issue of Flex and the Hulk anymore. but nuff said, well done, Ross, well done.

- Christopher Jay L.

Anonymous said...

i still hope for batman and wolverine meet darkclaw

PAPER said...

....howabout a display of your top ten personal favorites, or the top ten that you received the most positive reactions from?

Ross said...

Truthfully, most of my favorites have yet to be posted, #300 is my fave so far... Of what is already on the Blog, Thing/Wallace & Gromit, Thing/LSH, Batman/Mars Attacks! and Batman/Iron Man(retro)spring to mind as covers that I feel really worked out well.

Probably the biggest reaction I have gotten is from my covers featuring Thing/Death and Thing/Bone, due to Neil Gaiman tweeting and Jeff Smith commenting on them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of these two, by any chance did you see the latest "Line is Drawn?" Very apropo.

If not, here's the link.


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