Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nightwing and Spider-Man

There have been a couple of Batman/Spider-man team-ups actually published, but I think that this pairing might be even more cool to see.  They are closer in age and both like to make jokes at the bad guys' expense while taking them down.  I'm looking forward to the Amazing Spider-Man film coming out this summer.  I'm still not sold on the look of the Lizard or retreading the origin again, but the trailer did look cool. I really liked the organic shooters and the fact that Spidey is wisecracking again!


John Frank said...

Robin becoming NIGHTWING was the most highly anticipated name/costume change that I remember back in the day. a very exciting time.

Anonymous said...

You captured the ever-loving fun spirit of the two characters with this one--well done!

Anonymous said...

I wish we lived in an age where a company crossover like this could happen again. I would love to read this for real.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a real team up between these two. Peter amd Dick would drive everyone crazy with their wisecracking as they beat up the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

Kinda tired of people laming out Spiderman-Spiderman is superhuman, not "peak", or "enhanced" or "olympic" strength. Parker moves at 4X the speed of a regular human, lifts 10-15 tons( some bloggers claim to know the character, but then post DUMB comments like" I've never seen Spidey being able to lift a car"). Spiderman has speed, agility, sensory perception,and physical attributes far beypnd characters like Batman or his former protege-Dick Grayson.

While it is cool to pair him up with cross over "street levelers"( heroes who take on muggers, pimps, gunman) writers should stop putting Spiderman on equal terms with say a nightwing

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