Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cyborg and Deathlok

I always wanted to see these guys get together due to their visual similarities.  Even though they have found themselves in similar predicaments, their backgrounds and personalities could not be more different, so it would be cool to see them interact with one another.  Cyborg is front and center with the JLA these days, but I lost track of Deathlok after he showed up in a Marvel Zombies mini-series a while back.  I hope he returns soon as he is one of Marvel's coolest characters.


Magic Marker said...

nice job! Deathlok I'm not too familiar with. Was he in Mavel Fanfare? I'd like to see some individual members of the original Outsiders here, like HALO or LOOKER (who I hear is getting her own vampire-like series. uhhh) and GEO-FORCE would be great matched up with another powerful hero-type.

pblfsda said...

There were two Deathloks. The first was a 1970's character who appeared mostly in ASTONISHING TALES. Those stories are in a hardcover but I don't know if there's a cheaper B&W 'Essentials' edition. He was one of those characters (like Killraven) who came from an dystopian near future, but when the years in the real world started getting closer to the ones in his old stories Marvel published a time travel story that prevented his timeline from being created. That was in a four issue arc in CAPTAIN AMERICA, which might be in a paperback.

The second Deathlok was a present-time character from the 1990's with almost the same look.

Hanuman Sun Wu Kong said...

It has since been revealed that in the future there are many Deathloks. They're a series of robots used by the fascist U.S. government. One of them is currently a member of Uncanny X-Force.

Anonymous said...

Deathlock, a lot of them appeared in one Wolverine story by Jason Aaron and later in Uncanny X-Force - Marvel had recently made second part of Deathlok story free to read online, you may check it out and see if you like it.

Deathlok was one of first Marvel superheroes I was introduced - one of the first comics I read as a kid was part of Maximum Carnage crossover and I loved all kinds of cool characters that were there - Deathlok, Iron Fist, Firestar, Cloak and Dagger, Morbius and Nightwatch - I wanted to know more about them. This is what turned me into comics geek and probably why I enjoy C-list superheroes more than big names like Thor or Captain America.

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