Thursday, April 26, 2012

Batgirl and Hellcat

I always wanted to see these two redheads together, just so they could discuss their mirror image uniforms.  Their similarities don't end there though.  They each don't possess any superhuman abilities, but still considered to be valuable allies to the more heavy hitting superheroes around them.   They would probably have a lot to talk about given the tragedies they have been through and overcome.  Barbara Gordon came back from being crippled and Patsy Walker came back from Hell itself!  Le'ts hope that the dark days are behind him and these two can return to being the fun characters that they were created to be.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Now that is a fantastic cover. I love the theme - redheads who's costumes are mirror images of each other! Outstanding!

I guess I'm just going to STAY stuck in the Silver Age. Every thing that has happened since the mid-1980's has just been one disappointment after another.

While The Killing Joke is a great story, there really was no reason to cripple Barbara Gordon. And there was no reason to UN-cripple her now. And I'm a fan who's glad that Hal Jordan is back, but disappointed that Barry Allen is back.

diana green said...

This is such a throwback to the 60s Detective cover where Batgirl refuses to fight because of a run in her tights.
BTW, while I respect the core narrative of the philosophical duel between the two main characters, I think Killing Joke is one of the meanest, most petty stories Moore ever did.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

At the risk of heresy, I think the IDEA of Alan Moore is more exciting than ACTUAL Alan Moore. At least for me. He's quite talented. But for my tastes, I don't find shock value to be entertaining. I read The killing Joke, Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Men. Johnny Depp's From Hell was interesting. None of his other stuff interested me.

I don't hate Alan Moore. I just don't believe he's OMG ALAN MOORE!

Ross said...

You left out his best work, Swamp Thing! His ABC stuff was pretty good too.

pblfsda said...

@Dave: Always ALWAYS read a Moore book before seeing the movie adaption. I know "From Hell" is pretty long (and you miss a lot of it if you don't read the annotations; the Victorian context changes the meanings of a lot of things), but the movie was an even more egregious adaption of a book than "A Clockwork Orange". "Watchmen" and "V For Vendetta" hew pretty close to the source material, at least in the specifics, but "League... " and "From Hell" resemble the books even less than Halle Berry's "Catwoman".

If you want something really entertaining, find the faux letters pages in the "1963" comics or the faux classified ads in the "League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen" comics.

Abba Studios said...

This is funny.

Anonymous said...

Hellcat is an enhanced human, how can the original poster say she doesn't have any powers?! Shes faster and stronger that Barbara Gordon, has low level telekinesis...I find it funny in DC / Marvel team ups , DC characters are always played up as equal or stronger than Marvel characters when,in instances like batgirl-hellcat, the omly attirbute Batgirl(Barbara) brings is her investigative skill; in a fight Hellcat takes the lead

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