Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Thing and Ragman

Ragman is one of those C-list DC characters that I will check out every appearance of. I first took notice of him with his original series in the 70's with the fantastic Joe Kubert covers. I always thought that he had a great look and got a kick out of the fact that, unlike most heroes, he was portrayed as being dirt poor. I was glad that DC decided to take him out of mothballs a few years back and make him a team member of Shadowpact. That series has since ended but hopefully it gave him enough visibility that he gained some more fans. I'd love to see a new mini-series featuring him and I hope that it wont be too long before we do. Unfortunately with the state of comics these days, lesser known characters like Ragman tend to be forgotten in favor of those with higher profiles. I hope that things turn around because there are too many cool characters out there, and it would be a shame to see them all shuffled off to limbo.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

I read the Batman/Ragman team-up. Ragman is one of those unique characters...He probably could have been a guest in Batman and The Outsiders back in the day...

Jamie said...

I love this pairing -- I'm surprised you didn't mention both Ben Grimm and Rory Regan are Jewish superheroes.

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