Monday, March 21, 2011

The Thing and Infinity, Inc.

Jerry Ordway has always been the quintessential Earth-Two artist for me, so I was very interested when the Infinity Inc. series first appeared. I really loved the first year of that series and was sorry to see him go. Don Newton was slated for a long run, which would have been great to see, but he unfortunately passed away just as he was getting started. DC has always embraced the generational aspects of its characters and this was a perfect series to explore that. I remember wishing the stories would have included Robin, Huntress and Power Girl in larger roles, but the focus was more on the newcomers. These characters have been scattered around various titles for the past few decades, but I think there is still a fondness for them as a team. It would be interesting to see the surviving members reunite and sharing some adventures again... especially if they could lure Jerry Ordway back on art chores!


Scott Bryan, Annabelle's scribe said...

I completely agree. And with DC doing a generational theme in thier JSA book, it would be the perfect time.

Of course they'd have to sort out the mess they did with Silver Scarab, Fury, Northwind and Brainwave Jr, resolve the issue they'd had with Jade and Obsidion and of course they've already been useing Nuklon as Atomsmasher (and I want him to stay that way) and Hourman 2.

It could be fun again.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Infinity, Inc. was an awesome Earth-2 (Teen Titans) team!

I would love to see the original team back together again...

I would love a Showcase collection, too.

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