Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Thing and Predator

Predator remains one of my favorite 80's action films. The idea of an alien hunter lurking in an earth jungle was realized very well and it is chock full of quotable lines. I liked the sequel as well, but what I really got a kick out of were the various comic book crossovers that the Predators took part in. It's a testament to the strength of the concept that its works so well with different characters. That said, I saw the first Aliens Vs. Predator and it didn't make much of an impression on me. I also have yet to see the most recent entry, Predators, but I like the films of Robert Rodriquez and I have read some positive reviews, so I will have to check that out one of these days.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That cover rocks!
I read the heck out of the Batman/Predator crossovers! Those were awesome. There just wasn't anything appealing in the Alien(s)/Superman crossovers. At least nothing that made me want to run and grab a copy and read it. Aliens/Predator just seemed like the two Schumacher Batman films.

I've heard good things about the Predators reboot - even that Adrian Brody (?) is actually pretty good. I will admit to seeing The Pianist and being moved by it. The seeing Hollywoodland and wondering...WTF?

Joe F said...

Because AvP and AvP:Requiem were both garbage (AvP:Requiem was worse), I had very low expectations about Predators. But it turned out to be pretty good. See it!

Awesome awesome art work!

wereviking said...

The new film is a strange remake of the first one, with none of the hooks. Predators are still freakin' cool though.


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Mattkind said...

Pic is missing

Ross said...

I can see it... try reloading maybe?

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