Monday, June 21, 2021

Aquaman and Doc Savage


The Aquaman sequel finally seems to be getting underway, and now has an official title:  Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.  I'm not sure what to make of that, it doesn't say much about the plot and frankly is kind of generic. Still, with James Wan directing once again, I have confidence that we will get an entertaining film.  I think that it will be hitting theaters not very long after Marvel introduces Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, so the cinematic battle of underwater worlds will truly be on!  Here's hoping the dueling Atlantises will elevate both films.


det_Tobor said...

Arthur see Clarke? Fantastic pairing of ancient wisdom and the 7 Wonders of the World.

Anonymous said...

Looks like these two are trying to keep "Destiny" from repeating itself.


Bob Greenwade said...

I still have no word on whether Amber Heard will be in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. That's kind of a make-or-break deal for a lot of people; the studio stands to lose at least $15 million if her casting stands, and that's just from that movie specifically, never mind loss from people who are sufficiently turned off by keeping an admitted domestic abuser after firing her victim.

As for Namor's Atlantis, I understand that the visual design is being set up to be meticulously different from Aquaman's, just to help avoid confusion and accusations of copying (mainly from fans).

Hey, here's a thought that just occurred to me: In the STFU, when the ancient kingdom of Atlantis sank beneath the waves, it was divided into two parts, North and South. Arthur is the king of North Atlantis, while Namor is the King of South Atlantis.

@Anon@8:23: Given the depth below the ocean, what's repeating itself may be density! #BadPunNoCookie

Bob Buethe said...

In the Golden Age, Aquaman was the son of an oceanographer who discovered ancient scrolls that revealed the secret of breathing underwater, and Namor's mother came from an undersea city near Antarctica. Oddly, both of their origins were retconned in the Silver Age to change their mothers' homes to Atlantis.

Carycomic said...

Actually, as pun cookies go, that one was pretty good! :-)

Although, I suspect Anon was (somewhat over-subtly) referring to that two-shot super-villain who--if I had my way--would get a third shot from Marvel through ret-conning as a long-lost member of Clan Destine.

Bob Greenwade said...

I missed finishing that sentence: "...sufficiently turned off ... to not see any other DCEU or other WB films."

betajoe4306 said...

all we need now is mark harris( man from atlantis tv series) for MORE

Anonymous said...

Mark Harris ain't available. He woke up to find out he was just Bobby Ewing having a bad dream.

betajoe4306 said...

also he had a dream he was in a show with suzanne

Carycomic said...

Artistic challenge for you, Ross.

Batman and Aquaman (instead of Cap and the Submariner) vs. the post-Watergate Serpent Squad (led by Madame Viper) featuring the Gotham City Copperhead.

Let the hunting, cutting, and pasting begin!

det_Tobor said...

For Mark Harris fans, he did make a special appearance on Dallas with Bobby Ewing. I saw a news clip about it & saw it in reruns.
" Besides the returning supporting cast, Deirdre Imershein (Jory Taylor) joins the series in a major story-arc. A minor character in the Paris arc (played by Padraic Terence Duffy, Patrick's son) is called Mark Harris, the name of the character played by Patrick Duffy in Man from Atlantis."
Guys are after Bobby. Mark steps in to help save Bobby. Bobby thanks Mark for helping him so much.

Anonymous said...

From the Shamelessly Silly Suggestion Dept.

The Three Stooges and Yogi Bear meet Jedi Master Yoda!

I can just see the word balloons, now.

YOGI: "Have a pic-a-nic basket on me. Nyah-hey-Hee-Hee!"

CURLY: "Yoda Bear, Yogi! Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!"

YODA: "That remark, I greatly resemble."

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