Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Adam Strange Joins Star Wars



Continued from yesterday's cover, we see Adam has found Tatooine's most famous resident along with his friends.  Jabba's not going to know what hit him!  I quite liked this Adam Strange costume redesign by Pasquale Ferry.  It looks a bit more modern while still maintaining the aesthetic of his classic uniform.


Horsefeathers on a falcon said...

Very cool design.

What if WB did a full length animated parody of S W where the Imperial Soldiers are made up of hares? The hares are marching across the universe in conquest. Bugs is "Opie, One Cannoli". Daffy is Hans off. Porky could be Sky-writer. Tiny Toons and all are in too. That's 44 years of history in under two hours. Or has it been done?

Carycomic said...

Daffy as Hans Off, I agree.

But, Porky would be more suitable as "O-B-B-B-O-B-B-B...aw, j-j-just call me 'Ben!' "

And Bugs could Luke Warmwater: "Because, dat's what I like to take me baths in."

As for Jabba or Rotta or whomever being the mastermind holding on to Adam Strange's wife and child? Leave us not forget; the Hutts are just as much the Grandmaster's pawns as the Good Guys!

Carycomic said...

Unless, of course, Beta Ray Bill has taken the Grandmaster into custody and the Hutts are acting on their own. Are we talking a part three for tomorrow, here?

Futabakun said...

Both of Adam's uniforms exist in current continuity. The classic silk costume is his outfit for adventures on the planet Rann; all the native users of jetpacks there have some personal variation on that design.

The newer version was specifically designed for Adam by Sardath for controlled Zeta-teleportations throughout the universe. When Adam has extended adventures away from Rann (or Earth for that matter), he wears the more complex outfit.

Bob Greenwade said...

Nice work here, Ross! Like a couple of others, I'd read the "family" part wrongly, but the text here makes it clear for us.

I still like the idea of Stephen Strange taking a look at the Jedi Temple on Lothal.

But getting a good look at Adam here, I'd like to see him teamed up with Boba Fett. (The Mandalorian has shown us what a badass he really is -- I mean, he killed a half-dozen Stormtroopers with what amounts to a toothbrush!)

@Futabakun: That's good information, and clever thinking on someone's (Pasquale Ferry's?) part.

det_Tobor said...

@ Cary & Horsefeathers, What a Strange idea. Then I nominate for Boba Fett, Elmer the Fudd! Since "May the 4th" has a recognized title, then for the troops you can have "March 4th". Call this 'The Calender Wars'.

det_Tobor said...

Ross, you C-3po what you started?

Anonymous said...

@Det. Tobors: as in, "Marching Hares?"

[Dissolve to scene of multiple clones of Bugs Bunny in storm trooper armor.]

Bob Greenwade said...

If Daffy was Luke, then he could be Luke Skywaddler. That would make it fitting that the main villain is Duck Vader.

Bob Greenwade said...

@Cary: Have you see the "Twisted Toons" take on Chapter IV? The famous scene had Porky (Billy West) as Obi-Wan and Bender (Joe DiMaggio) as a Stormtrooper went something like:

"Let me see your identification."
"You dee-uh-duh-don't need to see-uh-suh-see his idea-duh-dee-duh-dee-uh... ID."
"I dee-uh-duh-don't need to see-uh-suh-see his idea-duh-dee-duh-dee-uh... ID."
(Billy briefly cracks up.)
"The-uh-th-these are not the duh-dee-uh-duh-droids you're lee-uh-luh-leeh-uh-luh-uh... seeking."
"The-uh-th-these are not the duh-dee-uh-duh-droids I'm lee-uh-luh-leeh-uh-luh-uh... seeking."
"He kee-uh-kuh-kee-uh-kuh-can gee-uh-guh-go about his bee-uh-buh-bee-uh-buh-be-uh-buh... what he was doing."
"Move along."

Carycomic said...

@BG: EXCELLENT! Thanks for sharing that. :-)

With regard to Dr. Strange in the SWEL-verse?* I'd rather see him and Superman battling the "Kandorian" Plague on the planet Vandyne. If you get what I'm small-talking about. ;-D

*Star Wars Expanded Legends.

det_Tobor said...

@Anonymous 3:12, given what happened with Han's son in the fiNal trilogy....how about making those Marching Hares ALL of Bugs' sons? Marching hares = Marching heirs.

Anonymous said...

@Det. Tobor: GOOD ONE! :-)

Carycomic said...

Which reminds me...

Dear Ross: any chance of a "Star Wars/Lost In Space" cover? Perhaps one featuring photo-captures of Jonathan Harris's character kneeling before Emperor Palaptine. That way you could, perhaps, entitle it:

"Dr. Zachary; Dark Lord of the Smith!"

Anonymous said...

@Cary: with all due respect, dude? Who, in their right mind, would wanna do a crossover between Irwin Allen and George Lucas?

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