Thursday, December 19, 2019

Secret Society of Super-Villains Vs. The Marvel Universe

OK, you see the match ups presented here - who wins this battle?  I think it would be pretty even (well maybe not Cap Vs. Penguin...) If I were on the Marvel side, I'd make sure to take out the worm first!  What say you?


Crazy Ivan said...

The Parasite is a pretty major contender, especially if he's Pre-Crisis Raymond Jenson during his Kryptonian intelligence phase. Assuming the Marvel heroes don't know anything about these bad guys, and do not have Rogue waiting in the wings, the bad guys have a decent chance.

Mr. Mind and parasite are both held back, so the heroes don't know about them. Wormy sends a second-string villain into an area where he knows a hero will respond, and when they do Parasite ambushes them and saps their powers from a nearby concealed location. Do it carefully enough, and no one knows he or MM was there, so people believe Captain America was defeated by Oswald Cobblepot, etc.

det_Tobor said...

If everyone were being attacked simultaneously, the fastest would be Nightcrawler vs Capt B. Kurt grabs the 'rang and teleports it away, unless it's set to explode.

Not a fan of the captain since he killed Tim Drake's dad in Identity Crisis. I can't wait to see THAT as an animated movie.

Carycomic said...

I don't see Mr. Mind on anybody's shoulder, among the SSOV, so I'll have to presume he's holed up inside Ocean Master's noggin. In order to boost the latter's Atlantean telepathy and thereby keep the Shark under control!

That being said, I'd have to agree with Crazy Ivan. With one slight change. Have the Parasite steal Nightcrawler's teleportation power, then have him teleport all the Marvels (one by one, if necessary) into the Darkforce Dimension via Shadow Thief!

Anonymous said...

He's right in front of Storm.

- Ross

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to where the clip art of the DC villains was taken from.

Anonymous said...

The Best of DC: Secret Origins of Super-Villains Blue Ribbon Digest, No. 10

- Ross

Bob Greenwade said...

Working counter-clockwise from top left:

Colossus vs. Parasite: Most likely, Parasite will have Colossus on the ropes, unless Pete can come up with some particularly clever tactic. I do think that he'll be able to keep Parasite busy long enough to allow another hero (most likely Cap or Cyclops) to come to the rescue.
Storm vs. Mr. Mind: [That's him, Cary, right next to Storm's right hand.] The worm's going to have to be extra clever to escape Storm's lightning, and even if he manages that he'll have to contend with high winds. No, I think he may be able to dodge for a little while, but his only real chance would be to get inside her head before she knows he's there.
Cyclops vs. guy I don't recognize: Well, like I said, I don't recognize the villain in this match-up. Unless he's a good deal more powerful than his colleagues, though, he's going down fast, and will probably be leaving on a stretcher.
Nightcrawler vs. Captain Boomerang: I think that this might be the closest match, depending on how much they know about each other. Kurt can be wary of Digger's boomerang tricks, and Digger can be prepared for Kurt doing stuff like teleporting behind him for a knockout blow. This would be quite a visually interesting fight, and while I think Nightcrawler would be victorious in the end, he'd have his work cut out for him.
Captain America vs. the Penguin: At first glance, it'd seem that Oswald would last about two seconds, one and a half of which would be Cap closing the space between them. But then, there are those trick umbrellas. He has no chance against Cap in any sort of direct assault, but a flash-bang or a cloud of tranquilizer gas could set Cap back a bit to let Penguin get at least a momentary upper hand.
Human Torch vs. Ocean Master: Someone else might have a better idea, but I really can't see Ocean Master lasting more than a couple of second against Johnny.
Spider-Man vs. The Shade: As the picture here suggests (and showing Spidey's foot passing right through the Shade is a nice touch, Ross), Peter would have his work cut out for him here. He may have to just keep the Shade busy until Storm or the Torch can come to his rescue.

In short, the villains will give the heroes a decent challenge, but in the end they don't really stand a chance.

PS: You've paired John Wesley Shipp with Lou Ferrigno twice, but I'd like to see him with Nicholas Hammond (or maybe Tobey Maguire, especially if John's wearing his Jay Garrick outfit).

It might also be cool to team Nicholas with George Reeves.

A Paul Rudd/Brandon Routh photo-cover might be cool too, as the former actor's third big-screen outing and the latter's exit from Legends of Tomorrow both approach. (But only because both of those things are happening; otherwise I respect your rule of leaning toward older figures.)

Jay Johnson said...

I'm not that worried about Mr. Mind if he goes after Storm first, since Prof X has taught her psychic shields and any wind or lightning response to his first attack should do more damage to him than he did to Storm and once it gets physical, game over.

Spidey probably can't do much against Shadow Thief, but he'll be able to dodge ST's blows until Storm or Cyclops or Torch has time to take ST out.

The bottom four all end quickly for the heroes.

Parasite is the one I'm worried about, unless Colossus can take him out with one punch. Once he has Colossus's power, he can drink up everybody else's power and even combined there's not enough to overload him. Maybe Torch can fry him long-distance, as Parasite should still burn eventually.

Glenn said...

That is NOT the Shade but another Silver Age Hawkman villain Shadow Thief and I cannot see Spiderman touching him without N-th metal. Maybe Black Panther is being his sponsor these days and he gave him something Vibranium which helps.

Parasite is a major player but this team which is dominated by X-Men is familiar with dealing with power parasites like him after dealing with Rogue and based on X-Men costumes Professor X is probably alive and will keep them in sync and help with Mr. Mind.

Ocean Master is an Atlantian so Johnny 4 will be dealing with a foe a lot stronger than him with high durability. His best move is to try to dry him out rather than throwing fireballs.

The Shark is a fierce telepath as well being bloodthirsty killer with high durability. Poor opponent for Cyclops.

Nightcrawler is experienced with dealing with missle weapons but Boomer is good at anticipating where someone will be after fighting the Flash and many of his rangs have area affect. Good fight.
The Penguin? Well he cheats.

Isaac said...

Wow Ross, if this were a DC vs Marvel cross over I'd buy it in a heartbeat! I don't think the heroes have a chance with the Shark and Parasite in the rank but ymmv! Now have you ever done a cover with Darth Vader vs the Daleks? Or Darkseid vs the Daleks? Better yet Darth and Darkseid vs the Daleks!

Carycomic said...

@Bob Greenwade: that's Silver Age Green Lantern foe, the Shark, across from Cyclops. Once upon a time, he was just a regular old tiger shark. That is, till he was "accidentally" mutated/hyper-evolved by a nuclear bomb test!*

*In light of recent ret-cons, I wouldn't be surprised if it was eventually turned into some kind of illegal genetic engineering experiment by the rogue faction of Cadmus Labs known as "the Evil Factory."

Carycomic said...

P.S.---Ah, yes! There's Mr. Mind; right in front of Storm. He must have been hitching a ride on Capt. Boomerang's left-handed namesake. Then, he jumped ship (figuratively speaking) when the not-so-good captain got ready to throw it! Leaping at Storm via Shark.

And, given the way Parasite is grabbing Colossus' left wrist, I figure the former is going to use the latter to stun Ororo long enough for her to get... Mind-controlled!

Robert Maloney said...

I pity whoever has to take out the Shark- that guy's a maniac!

Ed said...

The villains are easily defeated, except for the Parasite, who has absorbed the powers of the X-Men. Spidey hits Parasite in the eyes with his webbing, but Parasite blasts it off with Cyclops eye beams. Torch then tries to fry him, but Parasite absorbs it all!! Easily defeating the rest of the Marvel heroes.

Bob Greenwade said...

Thanks for the correction re: Shade vs. Shadow Thief, guys. I couldn't remember the correct name for this guy when I wrote the above.

Yeah, given how Professor X has trained his students to resist psychic attacks, the Shark isn't going to win the fight. He might last longer than most, if he has that much durability, but he's going down.

@Ed: The last I knew, Parasite needs physical touch in order to absorb. Even if he sucks up Colossus' powers, he has at least Storm, Cyclops, and the Human Torch to contend with (plus a little extra from Spider-Man and Captain America), and I seriously doubt that Colossus, at his best, could stand up to that.

Isaac said...

@ Ed - Not quite. The Shark is a powerhouse all on his own. He took on GL, Aquaman and Supes pre-crisis. So he's no push over. And he has a pretty powerful psychic attack! All in all a good match up, again ymmv!

Anonymous said...

@Issac and Ed: knowing Rama Kushna, she'd probably take advantage of that fact to have Deadman take over the Shark, so he can use the latter's telepathy to defeat the rest of the SSOV. Even the Parasite! Who, having absorbe Storm's memories (including the root cause of her claustrophobia), would most likely be vulnerable to a telepathically-induced flashback.

Thereby literally paralyzing the Parasite with fear.

MarchHareSupreme said...

Giong by the placement shown; Nightcrawler 'ports away from Boomerang's toss then ports in to slug him 'porting out again to let the returning boomerang finish Boomerang. Cap easily takes out Penguin. Spiderman holds off Shadow Thief while the Torch traps Ocean Master in a cage of flame. The two heroes then trade places to finish their foes. Parasite pulls in Colossus but has trouble draining his power through Colossus' metal skin but he holds his own. Mr. Mind tries to take over Storm but her psychic defenses hold so she hurl him away her winds (Enter fart joke her.). The Shark affects Cyclops but he falls to Cyke's eyebeams. As Shark goes down, the other heroes fight Parasite using long range attacks wearing him down until Nightcrawler 'ports him around draining his stolen power where he's kayoed by Cap's shield. Only Mr. Mind escapes imprisonment having ridden away on the breeze.

Anonymous said...

Killer match up!

Spider-Man encountered the Parasite when he teamed with Superman for the second time (against Dr. Doom) so he would tell everyone to stay a safe distance from him.

In order to defeat the foes the heroes would need to switch opponents as they usually do.

Storm would have to put Parasite in a tornado/whirlwind to keep him off balance & away from grabbing on to anyone.

The Human Torch would have to take on the Shadow-Thief. Johnny could heat up/melt anything the ST could touch with his special gloves so that stops his shadow advantage.

Spider-Man would do best against the Shark with his multiple abilities. His Spidey sense would keep him safe & might throw off the Shark's mental ability (at least for awhile). He would need to use his speed & strength to knock him off fast.

Capt. America should go for Capt. Boomerang as his shield would protect him against most of his attacks & he could use it to knock CB out when he runs out.

Colossus should go for the Penguin as his metallic body would protect him from his gun, laser blast & gas umbrellas. Pengy would surrender instead of trying to go physical with him.

Cyclops should target Ocean Master with his optic blasts. OM could be disarmed rather quickly & then given a final blast to lay him out for the cops to cuff him.

Nightcrawler should use his teleportation to search for Mr. Mind & put him in his place. Kurt's appearance might even scare the heck out of the nasty little worm.

It's possible that the Shadow-Thief would escape with this group of heroes as I don't think any of the 7 could capture him unless Storm puts something he is standing on into the air where he might fall from like the DC Hawks did to stop him in an early fight (the other 6 could just keep him from doing any stealing or villain aiding).

Great match up but I wish you could've used The Red Dart (Green Arrow foe) from the original artwork.

Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler teleports out of the path of the right-hand boomerang. He rematerializes inside the Shadow Thief's transdimensional shadow, thereby overloading the dimensiotron! Consequently, Carl Sands' physical self returns to this plane, where Spidey easily knocks him out with a left hook.

Meanwhile, Ororo uses one of her Storm-winds to blow Mr. Mind into the Shark's open mouth! The Shark accidentally swallows the little worm, resulting in a telepathic manifestation of their mutual distress within the Parasite's brain. This mentally stuns the Parasite just long enough for Spidey to web up his whole head. Thereby rendering him unconscious from oxygen deprivation.

Meanwhile, Cyclops has used his optic beam to blast the Shark into the Penguin's back. Thereby shoving the Fowl Felon's face smack-dab into Cap's right-handed roundhouse punch. Result: sleepy-time/night-night!

Simultaneously, the Human Torch dehydrates both Ocean Master and the Shark just enough that Colossus can--quite literally--knock their heads, together. Double sleepy-time/night-night!

Capt. Boomerang wisely surrenders, thereafter. Quickly providing proof that he was acting as a double-agent for Amanda Waller, all along.

Carycomic said...

I haven't had this much fun, reading combat speculations, since STF #2404!


Anonymous said...

cool seeing old school parasite and shark wish shark transformed wonder woman into a she shark on superfriends or galactic guardians also her dinosoid form could be in savage land with stegron or sauron also her dr cranum form with modok

Anonymous said...

might we see the unused red dart image in a future battle against a marvel hero? sorry 4 lack of caps as i'm holding my cat right now.

Carycomic said...

Munjojerrie or Griddlebone? ;-)

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