Saturday, June 4, 2016

Promethea and Doctor Strange

I was a big fan of Alan Moore's America's Best Comics line.  Characters like Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick showed a different side of the writer and he was always paired with top notch artists.  Probably my favorite title was Promethea.  What I originally thought would be a Wonder Woman pastiche turned out to be a psychedelic and visually rich study of the power of storytelling.  It's one of those series that I have promised myself that I would go back and read straight through again, I am sure there's lots I missed the first time around.


Anonymous said...

You really should go back and read some of Bill Black's AC Comics. The characters were interesting, the stories were good, but the art was Incredible! Their characters would match up so well with both Marvel's and DC's.

Cary Comic said...

I concur with Anonymous.

You could a variant of the cover for WHAT IF...? v.1/#1.

"What if Spider-man joined the FemForce?"

Anonymous said...

spiderwoman fem force they wouldnt hire a man

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