Friday, June 10, 2016

Hawkman and The Human Torch (with Hawkgirl)

One of mt favorite aspects of All-Star Squadron was the use of Hawkman's original helmet.  It's tough to draw, but the various artists on that title really pulled it off, and gave the JSA chairman a truly commanding and imposing presence.

Hawkman and The Human Torch's Silver Age counterparts met in STF #1251


Cary Comic said...

It seems kind of fitting that they would team up against a pro-Nazi Aztec. One probably intent on unleashing the fire-breathing inspiration for all those Queztalcoatl legends!

zgefez fez said...

i've been thinking of a crossover that would make a great story

Ra's Al Ghul resurrects Professor Moriarty with the Lazarus Pit. Ra's was actally one of Moriarty's disciples back in the Victorian Era. Ra's had kept Moriarty's body all this time since his death. Now he seeks his former master's help to bring down the Batman.

Meanwhile, Doc Savage has come to Gotham City, because he suspects one of the members of the gang that killed his father is now hiding in Gotham. So Doc solicitates the help of Batman.

But Moriarty now plans to make Doc and Batman face each other to the death.

what do you think ?

Cary Comic said...

Sounds like Ross could make a great-looking cover for that.

Anonymous said...

I like the ad in the UPC box! I remember when they would run those on issues purchased direct from comic shops. Nice touch, Ross.

DerektheDalek said...

In terms of Victorian encounters I would love to see Gotham by Gaslight Batman teaming up with Doctor Who's Madame Vastra... taking on Marvel's Mister Sinister.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I assume this is based on an All-Star Squadron cover, so I'm guessing the original cover had either Firebrand (Danette Reilly) or Alan Scott (Green Flame of Life and all that) in the Torch's place?

Simreeve said...

All-Star Squadron #6.
There's no other hero flying on the cover, just Hawkman, but Firebrand is among several others who are running towards the action.

Kid Charlemagne said...

@Simreeve: Thanx.

If I were the Aztec priest dude, I wouldn't be gloating. I'd be running before I got a face full of mace (and I don't mean the chemical kind).

Kid Charlemagne said...

Forgot and used my other name (IBW) on my first comment. I dislike Blogger. :P

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