Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Flash and The Hulk

The New season of The Flash is continuing to entertain me. I love how unapologetic the show is about its comic book roots.  Sure, there are a lot of melodrama and romantic entanglements thrown in, but just when I start to roll my eyes, something awesome happens like King Shark suddenly appearing and attacking The Flash in a scene that looks like it was ripped from a comic book page!  I am looking forward to the return of Grodd and some more Jay Garrick action in future episodes.


Scott Parker said...

Couldn't agree more re: The Flash. It's just wild to realize where we live in a world where King on TV.

Alaric Shapli said...

Strength and speed! What a team! (There are very few superheroes who truly embody a single physical attribute the way these two do.)

Anonymous said...

Is King Shark supposed to be a prelude to a GL guest-appearance?

As to Grodd teaming up with ZZZax; I can only see that happening as the result of some botched energy experiment. Like, for example, one conducted by the Marvel Ape Earth version of Project: PEGASUS!

Cary Comic said...

Or, more likely, L-ook-i and Maximus of the Insimians team up and trick Thorangutan into corrupting a Uni-mind of the Apeternals with Mjolnir's lightning.


Matthew Baugh said...

Hit and Run is a perfect title and this would be a heck of a great team-up.

I've only see the first season of Flash, but am really loving it!

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