Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Power Man and Iron Fist Vs. Darth Vader

Presenting the conclusion to the Three-Part Epic!

More rumors are floating about Netflix having trouble adapting Iron Fist.  I am hoping that this is just unfounded speculation because much more difficult Marvel characters have been successfully brought to live action.  Besides, if you are going to give us Luke Cage, you can't hold out on Danny Rand.  Power Man and Iron Fist are one of comics' greatest teams and the promise of seeing them in action together was one of the most appealing aspects of the original Netflix plan.


AirDave said...

After seeing the video of how Darth Vader bested The Dark Knight...still this is a great team-up!

Alaric Shapli said...

Definitely a great cover- but I was still hoping for seeing the two Lukes team up.

I love the Power Man/Iron Fist team, but I also love the two heroes as solo heroes. Still, I hope the Iron Fist rumors are just rumors. I've been wanting to see a Heroes for Hire TV show since the '80s- it just seems like such an obvious idea for a Marvel show. I'm kind of disappointed that they want to call the new team the Defenders- even though a couple of the heroes involved have had short stints in that team, that combination of heroes just doesn't scream "Defenders" to me. I guess "Heroes for Hire" didn't sound exciting enough or something.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping Master Khan would be on the cover, side-by-side with Vader. But, I had half my expectations met. So, thanks, for that much, dude! :-)

Matthew Baugh said...

I hope they do a good job with Iron Fist. It may be hard because of the gritty pseudo-realistic tone they've set with Daredevil.

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