Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Doom Patrol and The X-Men in "Calling Out Caulder!"

These two teams of societal outcasts using their abilities for good under the direction of wheelchair-bound leaders seem like naturals to spend a story together.  Despite the similarities, the Patrol see their powers as a curse while the X-Men are proud of their mutant traits - which could make for some interesting conflict.

These two teams met once before on the blog in an early MS Paint attempt....


AirDave said...

I says that Charles Xavier is actually Niles Caulder. Fake wig and beard - bada-bing, bada-boom.

Mr. Acer said...

In the New Amalgam project, the X-Patrol is given a more streamlined take than the 90's original. From the cover we see here, I remember the combos using those characters being:
-Doc X (The Chief/Professor X)
-Mindseye (Mento/Cyclops)
-Elasti-Marvel aka Phoenix Girl (Rita Farr/Jean Grey)
-Robust-Man (Robotman/Colossus)
-Anti-Man (Negative Man/Bishop)
-Beast-Man (Animal Man/Beast)
-Hummingbird (Bumblebee/Angel)
-And Rhinovirus (Fever/Iceman)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a drag race between Caulder and Xavier! :-)

David McRobie said...

very cool cover.

the Doom Patrol were closer to the FF in personalities than the X-Men, who were teenagers originally.

Isaac said...

Great cover Ross, but where's BB?

Matthew Baugh said...

This would have been a great crossover!

It also makes me want to see Professor and the Chief vs Davros. :)

Bob Buethe said...

@David McRobie: Very true, in powers as well as personalities. The DP and the FF each had a leader who was a genius inventor, an angry orange muscleman, a hothead who could fly and melt things, and a female who was able to disappear from sight (one way or another).

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