Sunday, October 11, 2015

Han Solo and Power Man

It's hard to believe we are just over two months away from the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I am sure that a huge media push is just around the corner, but so far there has not been a lot of footage released.  I am fine with that - this is one film that I want to go into knowing as little about it as possible. I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised by what I see.

This cover is only the beginning of a three-part saga, so be sure to check in tomorrow for Part Two!


Anonymous said...

A truly inspired team-up...and a truly scary-looking bunch of Bad Guy aliens! H'lythri or Fear Moss Men?

C.C. said...

I'm probably not one of your biggest fans when it comes to "multiple saga" covers. I like the "1 & done" team-ups for variety sake.
How many times does Bats need to team with Spidey anyway?
After almost 1,300 covers,I'm still waiting for Wonder Woman(of DC's Big 3 with Supes & Bats) to solo team with Conan, Iron Man & Daredevil(3 of Marvel's Big 7.
She's already teamed with Spidey, Hulk, Thor & Captain America).
It still seems she needs to appear more frequently here to catch up with other JLA'ers that have already appeared with most/all of the Big 7.
Hopefully you will try to do these glaring omissions before the year is out.
For the record,my favorite 2 parter was your Spidey vs. Bat-Villains (I never expected in a million years that the New Teen Titans would be on the follow up).
Having said all that, this crazy cover shouldn't work but it does it a totally bizarre crazy way!
If Power Man doesn't look like this on the cover,I just buy something else. It's definitely his best look.

AirDave said...

This is petty cool!

I read the Han Solo paperbacks when the first trilogy came out. I joined the original Marvel Star Wars a little late, but I'm on-board with the new series. It's different...

Anonymous said...

Well, the new version may be different, Air Dave. But, it's certainly less of a...dark horse.


bygrinstow said...

~ba dum tish~

Chris said...

You come across as demanding and entitled.

Anonymous said...

If you're referring to C.C., Chris, I agree with you.

C.C. said...

Excuse me? What have I demanded or said that I was entitled to?
I didn't mention a pony or a trip to Disney World.
In my above comment,I REQUESTED 3 particular team-up as future ideas like others have done on here over the years.
Ross has taken requests in the past from fans so that's not an unusual entitlement or a demand.
Wonder Woman usually appears about once a month here lately so if she is going to have Oct. Nov. or Dec. covers,those would be 3 popular & original choices for team-up covers.
All 4 of these heroes have had book runs of at least 275 issues each. These are win/win ideas for the blog & fans alike.

C.C. said...

Ruh Roh! It sounds like someone might have demanded an Elektra/Batwoman team-up based on last Thursday's cover.
Hope they have good running shoes to outpace the pitchfork mob that's forming up above (it wasn't me guys I swear!).

Ross said...

CC I am a lot more likely to take a suggestion when it is given politely. Phrasing things like "I'm still waiting for..." as if I owe you something, Or complaining about the teams that are presented (3 times for Bats / Spidey in 5 years is too much?) or calling the lack of your personal preferences a "glaring omission" - those are the things other comments are probably reacting to.

As it turns out, one of your WW ideas is coming up so stay tuned...

Chris said...

I'm simply saying that your phrasing comes across that as demanding and entitled. Ross nails my reaction precisely in his comment.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C.C. said...

Well for starters, any of my input here has always been for the improvement of this blog & its demographics.
I had originally worded that sentence as "I'm sure fans would like to see WW team-up with Conan, Daredevil & Iron Man" but since I hadn't actually talked to anyone about this blog, it seemed misleading so I ended up changing it.
The whole basis of those requests were to have them show up before the Batman vs. Superman film takes off early next year.
With WW's scheduled appearance in it, many people around the world will be Googling her to see some recent stuff she has been connected to.
In some of my Google searches(especially for minor characters), Super-Team Family covers have popped up on occasion.
I never said WW, Shellhead, Hornhead or Conan were my "personal preferences" (none of them are on my top 100 heroes or heroines lists(which consist of future & international characters as well some mutants like my list on the Dr. Spectrum/G.L.C. cover suggests).
I don't always read the comments section under every cover but I do recall some people say that they show them to their kids.
Some of those kids may not be allowed online or can't type or even spell at a young age so their parents/guardian might write in a suggestion or two for them.
People on here shouldn't always assume a suggestion is from solely that author or for selfish reasons.
That's making assumptions about people you don't personally know & doesn't come off as being polite.
There's an old journalist saying that if 1 person writes in about something there are at least twice as many that feel the same way but don't bother.
That is the spirit in which my above wording should've been taken in.
I don't think people should be picked on here for pointing stuff out that might be popular based on fan bases (the above 4 of which I don't consider myself a part of since I haven't seen any of their films nor do I plan to see upcoming ones).
I never said anywhere on here that someone owed me something so people also shouldn't make impolite generalizations like that.
Should the above team-ups never happen, I won't be off crying somewhere since I like all characters pretty much the same(which is why I come here in the first place.
Sincerely Constructive Critic

Anonymous said...

We'll hold you to that promise, CC.

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