Thursday, October 8, 2015

Elektra and Batwoman

The next season of Netflix' Daredevil can't get here soon enough for me. One of the aspects that I am most looking forward to is the introduction of Elektra into the series.  The relationship that she and Matt Murdock share in the comics is one of the greatest and it will be nice to see another take after the first theatrical attempt.  I mean, a plain clothes battle in a playground? I still shake my head at the thought of that scene.


AirDave said...

What?! That was TOTALLY inconspicuous... amIrightamIright?

Anonymous said...

Of course, it was inconspicuous! New Yawkers are famous for ignoring what they don't want to get involved in.*

*Just ask Kitty Genovese's next-of-kin!

Anonymous said...

To the other Anon: that last part is an urban legend based on misinformation coined primarily by the self-important Harlan Ellison! It was later determined that there were less than 38 witnesses. And most of them were genuinely unaware of what was happening to that poor woman.

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