Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Vigilante Vs. Daredevil (Part Two)

I think a crossover story between these two would have been a natural.  Given that they both worked in the court system in their civilian identities, there would have been plenty of opportunities to see them get mixed up in the same case.  Something tells me they would not take a liking to one another though!


AirDave said...

That's right - Adrian Chase was the DA! Now that is interesting!

It's very cool that Daredevil has succeeded on Netflix. This puts a whole new spin on Marvel-Disney's live action super-hero plan. A new series every six months! The possibility of a The Punisher series on top of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Power Man and The Defenders!

Anonymous said...

Whoever they cast, I hope his performance is somewhere between Dolph Lundgren's version of the character...and that of the forgettable actor who whupped John Travolta's butt in the remake.*

*When I say "forgettable," I mean the only thing I remember about that version of the Punisher is that he wore the skull-and-crossbones T-shirt! Whereas, the complete absence of same was the only thing lacking in Lundgren's depiction of Frank Castle.

Simreeve said...

So now how about a Vigilante (Adrian Chase)/Punisher team-up?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

They have cast for the Punisher...Jon Bergthal. Shane from The Walking Dead.

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