Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Atomics and The Super-Friends

It just occurred to me that the heroes we ill be seeing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are the same core line up from The Super Friends.  Well, Aquaman is supposedly only a cameo and Robin appears to be dead, but still. that fact certainly underscores how dark and moody the film looks - in stark contrast to the brightly colored heroes we grew up watching.  I still hold out hope that the film has some true rays of hope and light by the end and what we have seen thus far is the dark before the dawn.


AirDave said...

Robin's dead? :/
Ugh, I'll just go re-read the oversized JLA: Liberty and Justice and the 12-issue Super Friends homage Justice.

Anonymous said...

I know, from research, that the Atomics chronologically came first. But, having discovered (and read) their own defunct comic, first, I can't help feeling that the Atomics are more like Marvel's X-Statix! You know; the group with the Slimer look-alike called "Doop?"

Anonymous said...

Hey! There's an idea for issue # 1,202.

X-Statix vs. the Atomics!

Anonymous #2.

Simon Dyer said...

I'm passing on any DC films except maybe Flash and Green Lantern. There aren't as many expectations that pigeon hole those characters and both of them have powers that depend on imaginative use and the actual personality behind them to make compelling stories. Not like the other three non-Batman Leaguers who have to ride his coat tails to look "realistic" and "serious" or "complex" or whatever DC/WB wants to be seen as.

Anonymous said...

So, if they came out with a Zatanna flick that featured her wearing the stage-mage costume of top hat, tuxedo, and fishnet stockings, you'd boycott it?

Simon Dyer said...

If they made the story of the daughter of a magician who goes on to dress up as a stage magician and inherit the family business of casting magic spells by talking backwards as pretentiously baleful as everything on their slate right now, I'd ignore it.

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