Thursday, July 9, 2015

Devil Dinosaur and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

This pairing is another suggestion from Tom Zilla.  Tom is a Patron of the blog in excellent standing, so I was more than happy to oblige (I take note of all ideas, but Patrons get moved to the top of the list). With Jurassic Park once again a box office phenomenon, perhaps the time is ready to see Turok or ol' Devil Dinosaur up on the big screen?  Well maybe not - but I know I would be front row!


Mr. Acer said...

I really have got to get around to reading Devil Dinosaur, it looks like fun!

Here's an idea for a cover--the first team-up of "the Wacky Warriors", made up of Plastic Man, Slapstick, The Tick, Freakazoid, and the Mask.

Anonymous said...

The Gold Key Turok toting an M-16? Priceless!

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