Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Flash Vs. Yellowjacket

I saw Ant-Man this weekend and was thoroughly entertained.  I liked the smaller-scale (pun intended) that this movie had, with the dual father/daughter relationship stories playing out.  I expected the shrinking action to be cool and inventive and Director Peyton Reed definitely delivered there.  What I didn't expect were two great scenes that thankfully were not spoiled for me before hand.  The ultra-cool opening sequence and Ant-Man's encounter with another Marvel hero were great surprises and the audience I was with loved those moments as well.  The cast was great all around and I hope to see Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily and Michael Douglas return in a sequel.


AirDave said...

I like how Hank Pym was portrayed. A hero from start to finish. This was a very fun movie with a capital F-U-N! Unfortunately, my take-away is always that DC movies will never try to be fun. They're all always, "My parents are dead!" Ant-Man was an "adventure".

Anonymous said...

@ Air Dave: Marvel didn't do much differently with "My Uncle Ben is dead!"

@ Ross: Actually, the cameo appearance with the F----n started making the trailer rounds during the last five days before national release.

Anonymous said...

Which would definitely have eliminated the surprise for everyone but the Amish.

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