Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The JLA & JSA Vs. Ultron

I had initially been concerned with the rumored choice of Brainiac as the first enemy that the cinematic JLA is scheduled to face off against, because of potential perceived similarities to Ultron by audiences. Now that I have seen Marvel's movie treatment of their robotic despot, I am less worried.  Marvel went with a more humorous take on their character, so if DC/Warners stick with the cold, emotionless version of Brainiac, they can still present a very unique type of villain.

The JLA has reason to be concerned on the above cover - they barely escaped their last battle with Ultron.


AirDave said...

Cool cover.

I still think that what the JLA needs is a "human" story. My vote is for JLA: Liberty and Justice. Failing that, I would suggest a team villain, along the lines of Kanjar Ro or Amazo. Amazo might be a better choice than Brainiac. I don't want to see Brainiac, The Joker or Sinestro facing the League. Ultron is more of an Avengers villain.

Okay, Loki is a Thor villain. But the story worked both in the comics and on film. He's the exception to the rule.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this would make for a great real-world comic! Ultron "reappearing" in the DCU where he had previously been known as the Construct. And getting back at the JLA for their denying him Willow/Mantis.

As usual, your background research is as impeccable as your artwork.

Rob aka Mediancau said...

Earth 3. Let him duke it out with the Crime Syndicate.

Bob Greenwade said...

My main concern with Brainiac as a foe for the movie JLA is that, in my mind, Brainiac always has been and always should be primarily Superman's foe. I'd rather see the Justice League be gathered over someone like Starro, Felix Faust, or maybe the Royal Flush Gang.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see an updated version of their Silver Age comic book origin. Perhaps with Zazzala of Korrl as one of the claimants to the Appellaxian throne.

Anonymous said...

BTW: nice usage of JLA v.1/#102.

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