Sunday, May 17, 2015

Power Man & Iron Fist and Green Lantern & Green Arrow

I have been wanting to make a cover featuring this foursome since I began the STF issues.  I have always enjoyed buddy teams in comics and these are my two all-time favorites.  The upcoming Luke Cage and Iron Fist series on Netflix are definitely connected and hints have been dropped on the CW's superhero shows about a missing test pilot from Ferris Aircraft, so I am looking forward to seeing these teams operating in live action as well.


Unknown said...

I am excited about the possibility of Green Lantern coming to the Arrowverse. Hal and Barry were best friends and he was good friends with Ollie, too. It completely makes since to bring him in.

ELS said...

There was also a comment on a previous Flash (I think) about Ferris Air having an issue... because one of their test pilots went missing.

And that's when I freaked out. WHEE!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember either duo having an enemy called "Fatality." Could this be a Marvel Zombie version of Impasse, controlled by Nekron?

Anonymous said...

To my namesake:

Fatality was a woman from the planet Xanashi who was studying martial arts with Starfire's old tutors, the Warlords of Okara, when her homeworld was somehow accidentally destroyed by GL John Stewart! So, she went on a one-woman war against the GL Corps in general, and Stewart in particular. That is; till the Zamarons had her undergo some star sapphire therapy. Now, she and Stewart are an interstellar item!*

*Unless, of course, the writers of "Convergence" decide to ruin that (in their infinite lack of wisdom)

Kid Charlemagne said...

I finally gave up the comics habit in 2007, due to:

(1) The expense, first and foremost.

(2) It took too much of my spare time to try to keep up with all the complicated goings-on.

(3) DC was my main habit. I still don't think the original Crisis was handled well, and I finally got weary of their blowing up and rebuilding their universe every few years. I guess this "Convergence" mentioned above means they are still doing that. Feh. :P

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Kid, Re: number three? You ain't wrong! :-(

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