Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dick Tracy and The Phantom

My first memories of Dick Tracy are of reading his adventures in an interesting format.  My older brother Gregg would clip the daily comic strips out of the newspaper and collect them chronologically in a notebook.  In that time, years before I would ever see series regularly presented in trade paperbacks, it was pretty cool to see a whole book of comics - even if it was home-made.


Anonymous said...

Excellent rendering! Makes me wonder if Flattop's Gang stole some kind of Bangallan artifact on loan to Tracy's hometown museum.

Anonymous said...

Dick Tracy in blue? He wears yellow!

Rip Jagger said...

Love this pairing. I used to the do the clip and notebook thing with Sunday episodes of The Phantom. Cool way to extract a bit more entertainment.

Rip Off

Cary Comic said...

@Anon: He's "blue" because the Phantom keeps slipping through his fingers.

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