Monday, January 12, 2015

Iron Man Vs. Lex Luthor in "It's Just Business!" (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday's cover, it never pays to ignore Superman's advice.

Jess Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman V Superman is the one casting choice that I am still a little nervous about.  I know that Eisenberg does well at playing intellectual, calculating characters, but will he be imposing enough to stand up to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in full costume?  I'm not even sure which Lex we are going to get - Will it be the billionaire business mogul pulling the strings, or will we see him don a power suit to enter the action himself?  Whatever they do with the character, let's hope they stay away from shady land deals for once.


Anonymous said...

Brian Cranston would be better suited to play Luthor. He's had more experience portraying Bald Bad Guys!

AirDave said...

If you were going to tell me that Superman vs. Batman was a live action adaptation of World's Finest or Public Enemies, then you might have my attention. Man of Steel was a lot like Watchmen, too much of a good thing. It's great to see Superman cut loose, but the destruction was just too much.

I wonder if this Luthor is going to be similar to Smallville's?

Matthew Baugh said...

I'll hold off forming an opinion about Jessie till I see him in a preview at least. But yes on the land speculation. I was pretty jazzed about Kevin Spacey until I saw he was basically playing Gene Hackman's Luthor.

Iron Man vs Luthor is a power suit duel made in heaven!

Anonymous said...

@Matt: Spacey was still scarier, as Luthor, than Eisenberg.

Lawrence EdwardLay said...

I love the idea of them fighting. I would like to see a conversation between Tony Stark/Iron Man and Lex Luthor discussing their internet match over a bottle of wine. Tony could say that they are both similar in that they're both smart and own their own corporations,but they're from different universes. Tony is Marvel, Lex is DC. Tony isn't Lex's enemy Superman is. Tony could say that(showing a holographic image of) Obadiah Stane,he was my own you. Tony pointing at Lex.

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