Sunday, January 4, 2015

Captain Universe and Starman

I love that DC has been able to reinvent the Starman name and concept multiple times.  Each one has been an entertaining character in their own right,  Ted Knight of course started it all and is one of comic's first cosmic heroes.  Jack Knight may have been his son, but their personalities were quite different and his series was a bright spot during the '90's comics scene.  I loved how Jim Starlin illustrated the Prince Gavyn version and always wanted to see more of him.  Will Payton even won me over, sort of like a Marvel version of Starman. James Robinson finally found a way to connect all of these Starmen (and more) together in that '90s Starman series and it was a fantastic read.

What is... The Secret Origin of The Lost Issues?  The answer is only one of the special features included as part of The STF 1000th Issue Spectacular, coming up in just four days!


AirDave said...

James Robinson's Starman was one of the most engaging and intriguing books to come out of Zero Hour. It is amazing that the story took only 80 issues to tell.

I still re-read the Talking With David and the Tales From Times Past issues. The one with The Red Bee is pretty amazing.

I think what I like most is that Jack Knight's story reached "The End" - just like Ultimate Peter Parker - a perfect conclusion.

Can't wait to see what you have in store!

Don MacPherson said...

The creative team that introduced the Prince Gavyn Starman was Paul Levitz & Steve Ditko. While Jim Starlin used him in a Mongul story in DC COMICS PRESENTS, I don't think he had a hand in the character's design or creation in ADVENTURE COMICS.

Ross said...

Yeah, I just liked how Starlin illustrated him.

Anonymous said...

Given the power of molecular transfiguration Capt. Universe is endowed with (among other abilities), Starman might find himself being fissioned into Will Payton and Prince Gavyn. Similar to Rick Jones and Mar-Vell getting split up by Reed Richards' Negative Zone teleporter (back in the late Silver Age)!

GMCiaramella said...

The bottom part of the text on this cover should have been, "...AND UNI-POWER CORRUPTS UNI-LATERALLY!" :)

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