Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Black Canary and The Fantastic Four

I have been wondering if the new Black Canary on Arrow would possess the famous canary cry and I got my answer, sort of, on the most recent episode.  Her debut was a very brief one, but it began with a bunch of thugs being rocked by a high pitched sonic attack.  Granted, it seemed like an electronic equivalent to the super-power, but it was a nice nod to the comics.  Hopefully she will gain the actual ability somewhere down the line.


Wild Card said...

Wow, that cover combination works very well!! Now I wonder what was originally attacking the Fantastic Four that was replaced by Black Canary.

Ross said...

It was Klaw!

Anonymous said...

It would take more than martial arts for a mind-controlled Black Canary to subdue the FF. Even after initially disorienting them with her Canary Cry!

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