Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Huntress and The Black Widow in "The Unkindest Cut!"

I was unsure whether Scarlett Johanssen's Black Widow would have the clout to carry her own film, but I have to admit that I have liked the character more with each appearance that she has made.  I think a Black Widow-centric movie could work pretty well, especially if she could have some cool supporting heroes along for the ride.  Who knows if Johanssen will be available though, as it is rumored that she is close to signing on as the lead in  the Ghost in the Shell adaptation.


Michael Jones said...

LUCY proves that she has the chops to hold her own. (Never mind the crazy science in the movie, she does kick a lot of butt.)

Anonymous said...

Well, if the film turns out to be CGI rather than live-action, the Major might as well be modeled after Jennifer Garner's moves (in DAREDEVIL and ELEKTRA) and Zoe Deschanel's voice (in BOOGEYMAN).

Anonymous said...

Offhand, I'd say the answer to the titular question is...a gang war between the Bertinelli crime family and the Hand!

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