Sunday, October 19, 2014

Green Lantern & Green Arrow Vs. The Hulk

I was interested to see that the Green Lantern movie on DC/Warner Brothers recently released slate of upcoming films was described as a reboot.   I figured that they might go with John Stewart if they wanted to distance themselves from the Ryan Reynolds film, but it looks like maybe Hal Jordan will get another chance after all.  The reboot is set for several years away though, and a lot can change in that time.  I'll wait for a casting announcement to see which GL will be featured in the cinematic Justice League.


Anonymous said...

obnoxo the clown vs violator in clown wars

Anonymous said...

It ain't easy bein' green!
I kinda wonder who drew the Hulk there. I can't place the artist.

Ross said...

Neal Adams, the same guy who drew GL and GA!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ross. I never associated Neal Adams with the Hulk, but its a great rendition.
I wouldn't wanna be standing next to Ollie Queen when he meets the Hulk, because we all know Ollie has kind of a big mouth and he likes to run it, and the Hulk has a notoriously short fuse. All the elements for a catastrophe.
I like Green Arrow, but that boxing-glove arrow just ain't gonna cut it.
Great post! mp

Anonymous said...

In light of the fact that they were both played by Ryan Reynolds, how about Deadpool vs. GL Hal Jordan?

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